Russian Teapot With Lubok Folk Art Illustrations

Vintage large Russian Teapot With Lubok Folk Art Illustrations

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This Russian porcelain teapot is covered with scenes and motifs from the traditional folk art prints called lubki (the plural of lubok). A narrative description of each lubok graphic is printed in the Cyrillic alphabet, highlighted in blue. The pure white teapot is extremely large, weighing 3 1/2 pounds and holding a full gallon (128 ounces). It's 10 1/2 inches tall to the top of the lid knob, over 13 inches across from the spout to the handle and has a 25 inch circumference. The shape is the classic Russian egg-round with a long, beautifully curved spout and a strong C-shaped handle. There's a hole in the knob on the lid to prevent the tea from splashing when it's poured through the spout.

Flowers, leaves, butterflies and dragonflies climb up the spout and handle, adorn the lid and rim and are scattered around the lubok pictures. There are two babushkas (elderly women) chatting from their open windows, each wearing a headscarf that's also called a babushka. Beneath them are three men playing cards and drinking---vodka, perhaps. On the other side of the pot are a bear playing a flute and a goat making music with a pair of spoons. This scene is from an 18th century woodcut lubok; we've included a black and white copy in one of our photos. 

The teapot is marked on the bottom in red with Cyrillic letters and a drawing of St. George on horseback with a spear in his hand, slaying a serpent. This echoes the coat of arms of Moscow (although he is slaying a dragon in that emblem). The piece is in like-new condition, with no evidence of use and a few glaze pops the only flaws we could find. Given its size and the colorful illustrations, this Russian teapot is a decorative standout and a treasure for the teapot collector/ Shop Our Store


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